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Wedding films based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

Not based out of Boston? No problem, we'll come to you!

Getting Started

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings

No jargon. No confusing packages.
Just quality video from people you can trust.

Our passion for storytelling captures the essence of the day. Every wedding video will capture the ceremony, the toasts, the reception, all the big parts.

The parts we love are the candid laughs during the speeches, the tears being shed by grandparents, and the parts that break the mold of a template and make your wedding video yours.

Simply Priced Wedding Videos

Our packages are designed to not let the quality of the video suffer with our cheaper options. We'll work with you to figure out exactly what you are looking for.

Transparency is our goal here. The biggest difference between our packages is the length of the video, and how much of the day we capture. The shorter the video, the cheaper the package.

Same great quality, no matter the package.


3-6 minute video*

8 Hour Day Limit

Single Shooter



7-10 minute video*

10 Hour Day Limit

2nd Shooter



10-20 minute video*

12 Hour Day Limit

2nd Shooter

Custom Titles & Animations


*Video length is approximate, not a hard cutoff. It can also be shorter than the allowed time, if desired.

Photo by Hermansyah

Destination Weddings

We love seeing new locations, and know you chose to have a destination wedding because you do too. Scenery is very important to us, especially when shooting destinations. The scenery will play a huge role in your film so we can fully capture the beauty of your selected destination.

We only require travel to and from to be provided or compensated. The rest of the pricing remains consistent with our packages above. We encourage asking far in advance, as destination weddings typically require more time around the wedding itself.

See Our Work

Aaron + Amanda Backyard Wedding

This young couple had to adapt as COVID stopped their plans of a larger wedding. They proceeded to have a much more private event at a beautifully decorated home instead, which turned out to be a great time had by all.


#Small Wedding